Field Day Desserts

So this weekend’s project was for my uncle’s Radio Club Field Days.  My mom has been catering desserts for this event for the last couple years and this year I was recruited to help by bringing my cupcakes.  What fun!  Mom and Daughter Duo! 🙂  Mom made all of the other desserts, I can’t take any credit whatsoever.  Did I mention I get my baking talent and love of cooking from my momma? 🙂  By request, I made my banana cream pie, raspberry swirl, and margarita cupcakes.  Mom made all sorts of amazing things: apricot bars, german chocolate cakes, a phenomenal blueberry thing, cake balls, peach cobbler, apple cobbler, pecan pie bars, and frito bars.  I think I might have messed up the technical names, but you get the idea…good stuff!! 🙂

Good luck not drooling all over your keyboard 🙂







That’s my Momma!! ^ ^ ^






So I redesigned my postcard last night (I’m indecisive like that).  I can’t decide between the two designs, but I’m pretty sure I like this one better.  I like the scrolls and the stark contrast between the pink and the black.  Now I just need some updated pictures of my cupcakes and it’ll be ready to print!



Just entered a bunch of my cupcake recipes into the Pillsbury Bake-Off…fingers crossed!!  Sure could use that $1 million dollars 😉